By Jade Graham

Bullying is an issue that will never cease. Members of the LGBTQ community sadly realize this. There will always be people who do not accept someone for who they are/want to be. They push and push every button till there is death. Love is love and people change themselves because that is their choice. Their choices are seen as wrong to others and because of that, what they should be gone from this world? Those who are seen as “different” (but have feelings and should be accepted for whatever their choices are) have to accept that just like Jessica Rae Fischer did when she came to terms with relating to Frankenstein’s creation the Monster.

People can easily relate to an outsider like the creature. When someone is considered an outsider and ostracized for who they are that person feels shame. The monster as people started to call him began to believe it, cast out from society and left alone. As the bullying continued from others including Victor, the creature continued to lash out and seek revenge. That can be considered an effect of bullying, the consequences for other”s behavior and their actions. No person or creature deserves to be bullied because of their looks or how they change their appearance.

Victor also struggled. There was talk in class about how Victor desired a sex change and the want of a male partner which we all understand. Yet, he did not realize it. That idea of not believing or in denial was common for Frankenstein’s time period. People did admit to having feelings for their same gender, let alone wanting to be their opposite gender. Victor’s connections with the females in his life as seen as poorly developed. While the male relationships are stronger and more caring. Imagine if Mary Shelley halfway through her novel made Victor become transgender. What would have happened? One thing is for sure. It would be a completely different novel.

One thing that’s interesting is how (having lived near and spent a good amount of time) in Seattle there is pride among the LGBTQ community, yet the volunteer group that Filisa Vistima was involved with did not allow transsexuals to be a part of their community. The idea of “admitted transsexuals the SBWN would no longer be a women’s organization”  is an appalling one (Stryker). The whole reason these volunteer community groups are started in the first place is to create a sense of belonging. How are people supposed to feel accepted about their life choices when they are not even welcomed in the first place? It’s quite sad to say, but there need to be more safe spaces for those who need and want it. Not everyone in society is always going to be welcoming with open arms. But there can be people who are.

As more people continue to read Frankenstein, the more people are exposed to the idea of sexuality within the novel and possibly come to realize the damage bullying has on people like Jessica Rae Fischer.

To practice open-mindedness. That is the key to accepting people for who they are. Not as a society blinded by ignorance and rudeness, but as kind individuals who accept each other as they are. No matter their differences and life choices.

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