Sexual ChoiceSometimes in life, you will disagree with the members of society in any sort of way. Whether if it’s for Sports, News Media Coverage, pleasures found in Television Media, Sex, Religion, Race, anything miscellaneous in-between matters. Sometimes you’re even outcasted from significant groups for what you believe in, for what you are, and even, for what you’re NOT. Individuals from the LGBTQ community exclusively are outcasted from society because they’re likings are different from what many prefer it be. From a family perspective, they live with constant fear and isolation from their real selves for the conundrum of a world we live in. People are afraid of different.

The whole Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley is primarily contributed to the notion that if someone or something is made in the images one’s true perfection they’re are outcasted as an enigma of imperfection, but when in reality they never were in the first place. We use neopronouns for the individuals we apparently can’t understand what they are or decide to be, when ultimately we shouldn’t be asking that in the first place and should accept the indifference of society with open arms. ” I want to lay claim to the dark power of my monstrous identity without using it as a weapon against others or being wounded by it myself. I will say this as bluntly as I know how: I am a transsexual, and therefore I am a monster” [Skylar, 240]. Never should we live in a society where different is evil, erroneous, bad. Negative connotations that we inject on the ideology of being different is what truly impacts the differentiation for what’s wrong and what’s truly wrong in this world.

The LGBTQ community is NOT one of them. If we continue to flourish with such neglect that affects this world with the ability for change, it marks the end of all that is noble and righteous.


– Stephen Muñoz