In “A Feminist Critique of Science” by Anne Mellor, it critiques the novel Frankenstein¬†by Mary Shelley. Mellor concludes that “the scientist who analyses, manipulates, and attempts to control nature unconsciously engages in a form of oppressive sexual politics” (12). Victor successfully accomplished to create life with his own hands, but that was a big responsibility for him. He could not handle what was to come after his creation was brought to life. This was too much (Godlike) power for a person to have because it disrupts the nature of life. Reproduction should come naturally and people should not try to change it. Changes in nature can disrupt the order of life and make it difficult to get back the original order. Victor, being a male, makes himself the “mother” of his creation. This takes motherhood away from women by depriving them of the one thing they can do that men are not capable of. That is why it is hard for Victor to take care of the monster and runs away when seeing him for the first time because he does not have that natural loving mother characteristic (Mellor, 7). Being a mother means you are gifted with a new life and are responsible to take care of it, Victor’s selfish ambition leads him to think “a new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me” (57). He could never understand that creating life is so much more than that and it takes time and love to raise a new life.

Mellor strongly argues that the creation was a mistake from the moment the idea was thought of and describes how dangers it is to condemn this type of science. Victor eagerly wanting his creation to be brought to life without thinking about the effects it has on nature is dangerous. He isolated himself from his father and loved ones because he was deep into his work and forgets to look around and see all the natural beauty around him. He lost touch with real science when creating the creature because he wanted to be the first person to ever create life without giving birth.

-Marycarmen Nieto