Rilee Hoch

In her essay, Mellor is not attacking science but rather the application of science through a patriarchal sense. She is not condemning science just to do so, she has a deep appreciation for natural science and the “regular”, it is the abusive power-trip science that Frankenstein uses that she condemns vehemently. Mellor says, “They have been taught to see nature ‘objectively’, as something separate from themselves, as passive and even dead matter -as the ‘object of my affection’- that can and should be penetrated, analyzed, and controlled. They thus accord nature no living soul or ‘personhood’ requiring recognition or respect” (12). The same can be said for their view of women, the desire to know them and then to conquer. This idea comes straight from patriarchy, but it is deeply present and engrained in the sciences Mellor seeks to condemn.

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These “oppressive sexual politics” are oppressing not only nature’s ability to be, and to exist as it should be able to, but femininity as a whole. These scientists approach nature as a woman with a deep curiosity and they abuse her to create something inhuman and unnatural. In this case the virtuous and pure science that is nature and evolution is manipulated, in the same way the feminine is ruined by the aggressive and chauvinist masculine, that being the unnatural science that she so detests. Nature is almost always referred to as a mother and therefore could be a metaphor for the female. These scientists view women and nature in the same way, as tools to be not just used but experimented upon. Frankenstein’s ignorance of how true science works, and his experiments could of course, only result in the creation of a monster. In the same way an ignorance of the female and an misuse use of it is also monstrous and done quiet frankly to often by such a problematic system. The reanimation of a corpse is seen as barbaric and it interrupts the cycle of life, and prevents the dead from giving back to the living.  Frankenstein takes pieces from the natural cycle and removes them from their intended place in the universe, just like they take science away from how it should be, and a woman away from her rights. They blindly cannot see the female oppression and corruption, that or they refuse to acknowledge it, nevertheless it is there.