When looking into Victor’s dream, we can assume that the strange Oedipus desire for the mother/spouse is deeply related to Victor Frankenstein. We first have this dream where Victor sees himself with his deceased mother in a disturbing manner “as I imprinted the first kiss on her lips, they became livid with the hue of death . . . I held the corpse of my dead mother” (p.60) in a which Sigmond Freud claimed most people repressed, such that he was sexually attracted to his mother. This is commonly known as the Oedipus Complex, named after the mythical Greek king who killed his father and married his mother. According to Freud, this was often repressed into the unconsciousness and out of awareness to the person due to extreme anxiety, which is something we get a glimpse of as he wakes, “I started from my sleep with horror..” (p.60). The issue with this is that it not only raises concerns of incestuous thoughts for Frankenstein and the Frankenstein household, but it also brings upon further issues pertaining to necrophilia, as his mother was deceased in his dreams. Victor’s own creation does not assist to this issue as it may even further highlight his issues pertaining to necrophilia in specific, or even further his Oedipus Complex. Then there’s the issue pertaining to Elizabeth. Though Elizabeth is not directly related to Victor, she was still raised beside him and raised in the manner that she was often called his sister, which also stirs up more incestuous issues concerning Victor and their household.

Victor’s desire illuminates how he wants something he cannot have. He wants his deceased mother and Elizabeth though both are gone to him as the novel progresses. He wants to recreate life in his own way though fails to do so with his creation. He wants things he cannot have, and for that, we see him ultimately deciding to reanimate life and therefore set himself on this path that he cannot go back on.


– Lou Flores