Victor Frankenstein made some poor choices as he tried to suppress his unresolved issues with his dead mother. As the audience we see that his mother was very affectionate with Victor and when she died when he was seventeen, it left him with a hole. He tried to use different people as a way to fill that void left by his mother. The first person he used was Professor Waldman . Victor uses Professor Waldman as a way to feed his emotional needs left by his mother. The way Professor Waldman is also interesting, “He appeared about fifty years of age, but with an aspect expressive of the greatest benevolence; a few gray hairs covered his temples, but those at the back of his head were nearly black. His person was short, but remarkably erect; and his voice the sweetest I had ever heard.” Already Victor is finding a mother figure in Professor Waldman. The importance of Professor Waldman is that it is here where we first start to see Victor’s Oedipus Complex. But Waldman is only filler, the real void is filled when he creates his creation. He hit the ultimate Oedipus Complex, he has become a mother himself. He has taken the place of his own mother because he does what only mothers can do and brings life into the world. That was his huge fascination with the creature, the reason why he cannot destroy his creation. Victor is able to relate to the creation because he is a son and to his dead mother because he is a mother as well. The creation however was living proof of his feelings for his dead mother, which during that time period those feelings would have been socially frowned upon. This ties in with the larger theme of the struggle with female relationships. Victor is engaged to  Elizabeth but he cannot commit to her. He uses her to replace his mother but she can never replace her because she is living. The only time Elizabeth replaces his mother is when he dreams of Elizabeth who then turns into his mother. At the end of the dream Victor is holding his mother showing how he still has unresolved issues. It is Victor’s inability to commit that causes the demise of Elizabeth. When he leaves her for the slightest instance on their honeymoon, the creature has his opportunity to murder her. Had he just stayed with her she might have lived. He never gets the closure he wanted or needed because he was unable to kill the creature.

  • Andres Quezada