By: Yocelin De Lira

Freud’s theory of unnatural and uncanny connects to the ” Unconscious Desires” that does not limit murdering and having sex with a parent. Freud imposed the idea that as humans of two gender we are naturally inclined to desire our parents of the opposite sex, which is known as the Oedipal desire. Which states as a male you would desire your mother, then settle for a wife that inmates their mother’s mannerism and resemble her physical appearance as well.Vice versa with the daughters desiring their father. Victor Frankenstein “Unconscious desires” are manifested through a strange dream after achieving his obsession of creating life.

Victor strange dream is hinting for his unfilled desire towards his dead mother. Frankenstein’s dream comes to him the night he creates the creature. In it, he sees Elizabeth, “In the bloom of health, walking in the streets of Ingolstadt,” and kisses her (60). Suddenly she transforms into the corpse of his mother in the burial shroud with maggots crawling on her. Elizabeth transforms into his mother when Frankenstein, “Imprinted the first kiss on her lips…” (60). The object of his desire transforms into his mother during an intimate act. Elizabeth was merely his replacement for his mother but when all is stripped away, his desire remains to torment him in his dreams. The healthy Elizabeth is less desirable to Frankenstein than his dead mother.  This is clearly depicting  his ” unconscious desire” towards his mother.