In the Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, written by William Godwin, he demonstrates to the reader that the use of force or violence is no longer a good tool, instead, nonviolent protest is the best form of combating what is “wrong” to attain justice in order to eventually have happiness. This belief can be seen in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this similar message can be seen manifested when the death of Justine happens. In this scene when Justine passes away it can be interpreted as the death of justice. This can be interpreted because it demonstrates how violence will not achieve any good for the rest of the people and will only bring harm.

There is a certain scene on page 83 of the novel in which Elizabeth asks “why do you kneel if you are innocent?”. The meaning of this quote is beyond what it describes, it shows how Justine is truly innocent and pure. All people believe in justice, however, Justine is experiencing injustice for being accused of a murder that she did not commit. Moreover, it can be seen that the blame for Williams death takes a toll on Justine because eventually, she starts believing that she is the monster. Similarities can be seen in this scene and the French revolution because it causes the reader to start understanding whether something is right or wrong. While people decide to fight and advocate for what they think is correct and Godwin himself demonstrates that violence is not the best option, rather peaceful revolution is the best way to handle certain situations. As demonstrated by Godwin’s beliefs about violence, the violence in this story comes from the actions committed by the creature and eventually leaves Victor in a state of sadness. In a way, the creature can mirror the people while Victor is the monarchy in comparison to the French revolution. Resorting to violence as the people did allows for violence to spring from these actions which eventually destroyed the sense of justice. Godwin’s position or belief can be seen through Justine’s death, the violence resulting from the accusations allowed for injustice to come about and become the destruction when attempting to reach a peaceful and happy conclusion.

By: Daniel Olmos