Mary Wollstonecraft cared more about morality than beauty. She believed that women should have jobs, go to school and become thinkers instead of being an object of beauty for men. “Nature, by making women little, smooth, delicate, fair creatures, never designed that they should exercise their reason to acquire the virtues that produce opposite…” she knows women can amount to more and be great like men. Beauty should not be important, having morals and standards is important and valuable. Men only wanted women to look beautiful and not voice their opinions. Like many women, Justine did the same and kept her silence when convicted for the murder of William.

Justine takes the blame “I did confess; but I confessed a lie. I confessed, that I might obtain absolution; but now that falsehood lies heavier at my heart than all my other sins” (83). Justine knew her death was certain the moment they framed her because nobody would believe that she did not kill William. She did not say anything to defend herself because it was useless against the people. They already had their mindset to kill her. Wollstonecraft would have wanted Justine to speak up and not be scared. Justine had morals because she knew it was wrong to admit that she killed William when she did not. She also knew it was the right thing to tell Elizabeth the truth, “I had none to support me; all looked on me as a wretch doomed to ignominy and perdition. What could I do? In an evil hour I subscribed to a lie; and now only am I truly miserable” (83). Justine was alone with nobody to help her and everyone was against her. She was innocent and beautiful and they blamed her because they knew she would not say anything to contradict them. Justine takes responsibility for Victor’s actions. They kill the innocent beautiful woman because of a man who couldn’t take responsible for his own actions.

-Marycarmen Nieto