After reading Warren Montag’s essay, “The ‘Workshop of Filthy Creation’: A Marxist Reading of Frankenstein”, I came to the conclusion that Montag in my opinion, was wrong for calling the monster a proletariat. He however was correct for calling victor a middle class, since that is what he was. This was also very ambiguous to me because technically the monster was made to be a proletariat. However, that never really seemed to happen to its full capacity because like mentioned he was abandoned and had to learn how to live on his own , most of the time under nobodies supervision. Really the other only way or reason I see why maybe Montag called the monster a Proletariat was because he was treated harshly and no one really cared for them, sort of how the working class is treated. Maybe that is the reason he called him that, but other than that, there really shouldn’t be a reason why Montag should be calling the monster a proletariat.


It seemed as if Victor created the monster to serve him and to be sort of his slave/creation, so in a way, there, maybe he was a proletariat. However, after Victor left  the monster alone and abandoned him, he never was working for anyone or anything. He was left all alone, just too himself. So to call him a Proletariat, to me seems wrong, since he never really was one. The creatures however does she’d light in who was part of that working class. He brings this to light when speaking about The old man and Felix’s living condition when he said,”the cause of the uneasiness of this amiable family: it was poverty; and they suffered that evil in a very distressing degree”. It was mostly everyone else who was a proletariat in this novel, except the monster and some other few individuals.


Rigo Garcia