Alexuz Bejarano

Before reading the novel, my first thought of Frankenstein was the monster, a creature who’d kill people because he was afraid of the rest of the world for not understanding him. Generally when you hear the name Frankenstein you think of a monster, at least that’s what I thought. After reading the novel, Mary Shelley helps me realize that Frankenstein is the creator of the monster and that the monster is referred to as The Monster. Not only that, she tells you The Monsters reason for doing what he does. There are two sides to the story, the creator’s side and The Monster’s side.

Throughout the novel you get a better understanding of The Monster, at first we get the side of the creator. Thinking it was gonna be something great, afterwards the creator didn’t think of the monster as much of an accomplishment, more as a mistake. Which leads him to deserting the monster, causing no good towards himself and those around him. His reason for killing was because the creator brought him into a world where he wasn’t accepted, the creature didn’t know any better but the creator knew what he was doing when he created the monster.

At one point in the novel you can start feeling some type of sympathy for the monster because all he wants is to be accepted, as a result he teaches himself how to read and understand the language of his “adopted” family. The monsters conscientiously seeks revenge only on his creator and not towards the people who cause his misfortune.

In reality Frankenstein is the monster, he merely created a child who he abandoned, he brought something into this world without taking the consequences into consideration leading to so many deaths.