By: Carmen Ibarra

Before actually reading Mary Shelley’s book, Frankenstein I always perceived Frankenstein to be this ignorant, flesh-eating, zombie-like, brain-eating monster. Through stories and Halloween costumes, Frankenstein was always just an entertaining story and character. However, we learn through Mary Shelley that Frankenstein is actually the creator of this unnamed “monster” we all think we know so well. It is interesting how we depict the monster to be a simple-minded,  green monster when in reality he is a self-educated and intelligent.

I titled this post, The Real Monster because I believe the real monster of this story is Victor Frankenstein, he abandoned and neglected his very own creation from the start and because of this “the monster” had to fend for itself, learn EVERYTHING on his own, and attempt to understand the ways of life. Not only that, but Frankenstein also attempted to play God by creating life and thinking he can do so successfully. So, of course, I place all the blame on Frankenstein for neglecting and running away from his creation because if he would have properly introduced Frankenstein to the world perhaps things would have turned out differently.