My reading of Mary Shelley’s novel challenged my preconception of the Frankenstein myth in many ways. Before reading the book Frankenstein I thought of the creature created by scientist Victor Frankenstein as an evil monster who was a threat to mankind and must be destroyed. To me he was in no way human but rather a whole different species which was created by mistake. However, after reading his story I was able to sympathize with the creature and realized that he had feelings and emotions much like humans. He was not born evil nor had any intentions to hurt humans like most people wrongly believe. Instead he studied humans and watched over Felix’s family and studied their behavior and lifestyles because he wanted a close bond and friendship like the one they had. Later on he expressed his wishes to have a partner like himself to Frankenstein and in return he would vanish from the sight of mankind forever. It was the rejection of both society and his creator which made him do bad deeds and even then he expressed his remorse for his wrongdoings. He was thrown into a world which he did not understand and was disliked by everyone that crossed paths with him. Anyone in his position would do anything in their power to survive. Another interesting discovery I came across was that Frankenstein is not the name of the creature but of his creator. Lastly, I was very mind blown to discover that the story was not centered around the monster but rather the scientist who created him and the consequences of his creation. His biggest accomplishment turned into his biggest misfortune.