For next Thursday (3/12), students will write a blog post on the following question prompt:

Using Freud’s theory of the uncanny (repetition-compulsion, the double, return of the repressed), interpret Victor’s “wildest dream” on page 61.  How is this strange Oedipal desire for the mother/spouse related to Victor’s relationship to his parents and his desire to animate a corpse?  Explain how this psychological state illuminates important themes in the novel.

Please categorize under “the uncanny” and don’t forget to create relevant and specific tags.

Remember that students now have the option to revise their posts after class, due by Friday at noon.


Here’s an inspiring YouTube video on Oedipus veggies, the story of Oedipus told through vegetable actors.  This story served as the basis for Freud’s theory of the unconscious.  Be warned: this video contains graphic scenes not suitable for vegetable viewers.