The description of Althusser’s views seemed to suggest that the world we live in is artificial, insofar as that all the decisions and choices we make are not for the reasons we think they are. He places this ‘ideology’ into the category of forces which take control away from us, and influence the choices we make. The knee-jerk response to reading that we are all being pulled by the puppet strings of larger societal forces is to deny their control and attempt to break free in some way, and so to try to obtain more ‘relative autonomy’. But my question is whether getting rid of ideology the best option, because it seems as if without it the world becomes a very dull unromantic place. I’m not sure if I’m just being swayed by the example given in the text, of the reason for attending college, but I can’t figure out if we, and literature, should be trying to decrease the effect of ideology, or leave it as it is.