Due to the weather-related cancellation of class today, this blog post due date has been postponed to Tuesday 2/24; thus, assigned readings for this and next week have been bumped over to the following class session.

For this Thursday (2/19), students will post ONE question on the Parker reading.  The question should focus on anything that you find perplexing, interesting, confusing, or unusual about Marxist literary criticism.  This small assignment will count only as part of your participation grade.  Students should read each other’s questions before class and come prepared with answers.

(note: my lecture notes on Marxist literary criticism are available on blackboard under “Course Content”)

Place the questions under the category “Labor, Alienation, and (re)production” and don’t worry about creating tags.


For this week (2/19), students will write a blog post that examines the class struggle between Victor, the middle class capitalist, and the creature, the oppressed working class, based on your reading of Warren Montag’s essay, “The ‘Workshop of Filthy Creation’: A Marxist Reading of Frankenstein.”  What does Montag mean when he concludes that the creature is “not so much the sign of the proletariat as of its unrepresentability”? (395)  Do you agree with this interpretation?  Why or why not?  In answering this question, please focus on a close reading of a specific passage or scene in Shelley’s novel.

Include your post under the category “Labor, Alienation, and (re)production” and don’t forget to create specific and relevant tags.