“Study Finds Genetic Link to Homosexuality.” “Born Gay?” “Abortion Hope After ‘Gay Gene’s findings.” “Do you have the Gay Gene?” These are just a handful of the multitude of headlines that graced newspapers and magazines in the 1990’s following the release of a number of scientific studies regarding the nature of male homosexuality. This debate is complex and multifaceted, as it takes place in a wide range of arenas, from newspaper stands to scientific laboratories, school hallways to movie theaters. Furthermore, these arenas constantly intertwine themselves, affecting one another in a variety of ways. In the last couple of decades, diversified studies have suggested a biological component to homosexuality. The media attacked these scientific breakthroughs, using their results to claim the existence of an actual “gay gene”. However, this so-called “gay gene” is yet to be found, and the cause of homosexuality is likely much more conglomerate than a single gene. Film in particular explores this concept, bringing up social and ethical issues in correspondence with the biological studies of male homosexuality. Oftentimes, scientists and media outlets over-simplify the debate surrounding the cause of homosexuality by presenting only one side as true, when in reality science has shown the cause of homosexuality to be much more complex.

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