For your next post (2/20), use William Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft, Edmund Burke, or Karl Marx as a critical lens for interpreting Justine’s (Justice’s) death in Frankenstein.  Keep the post short and concise (1-2 paragraphs), focusing on one or two of these writers, and backed up by a close reading of a passage or select quotes.  Include your post under the category “Justine’s Execution in Historical Context” and don’t forget to create tags.

For those brave and ambitious souls, I pose an optional challenging question that you can choose to answer or ignore:

Does Justine’s public execution imply that the historical event of the French Revolution is a tragedy (a singular occurrence) or a comic farce (a repetition of an event), as Marx defines these terms in The Eighteenth Brumaire (in the opening paragraph)?  Explain your answer in critical Marxist terms.

Here’s a partial photo pic of our in-class graphic idea map.  Use it as a study guide to help you prepare for this week’s post.  The green color is for William Godwin, the red for Edmund Burke, and the blue for Mary Wollstonecraft.

photo graph 3