Frankenstein is not only a novel but also a cultural phenomenon. Since elementary school, years before I would ever get my hands on Mary Shelley’s novel, I have seen kids dressed up as Frankenstein’s monster for halloween, scaring me since since my very first glimpse. The biggest shock to me that came from actually reading the novel came from the fact that Frankenstein the novel is written from a perspective of truth. While it is obviously fiction, it is still embedded in truth and the novel still offers explanations for the narrative that could in fact be true. Before reading the novel I always thought of the concept of Frankenstein as being completely fictional. While I do not believe in reincarnation, Shelley still offers a scientific explanation of the creation process, making the events seem all the more real. This stood out to me because as a film major whose favorite films are horror films, I am extremely interested in story lines like this one. I enjoy horror movies that, even if they didn’t happen, could have happened. To me this makes the film ten times scarier than it would be without the element of truth, making the film exponentially more successful.  I like it when the film maker at least gives an explanation as to why and how what is happening is happening. I think this is what Shelley does, regardless of the myth that says otherwise. images